“Cels, you have gone a long way from the first time I first saw you breed some gamefowls. The Longscore Gamefarm you have recently built is indicative of your passion for excellent gamefowls. I can see that the top of the line bloodlines you have put together is a product of your vision and determination to produce top quality gamefowls for topnotch competition. The investment is humongous and requires a lot of hardwork and dedication but I’m sure the feeling of satisfaction is far more gratifying.

From a breeder to another breeder, I congratulate you for a job excellently done. More winnings for you.”

– by Ben Rara of BARFARM Agro-Ventures Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon and Pandi, Bulacan

“Your page clearly manifests your deep affection for our feathered warriors. It’s not surprising that you produce the finest gamefowls in the world. Your investments in terms of time, money and effort is remarkable and you will surely continue to reap its fruits for as long as you desire.”>

– by Mr.Victor Lerias, Blueridge, Quezon City, Philippines.

“Mr. Evangelista,

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your hospitality. The Philippine experience was truly wonderful, complimented by the friendship and caring displayed by you, your lovely wife Josie, your daughters and the employees of your Long Score Game Farm.

The Long Score Game Farm and the facilities you have constructed to breed, perpetuate, maintain, condition, and train, are unequivocally the finest I have ever seen. As you are aware, my business travels have taken me the length and breadth of North, Central and South America, as well as many other countries. As such, I have seen all the great farms, owned by all the notable breeders. I admire the care and appreciate the expenditures associated with the construction of your beautiful Long Score Game Fowl Farm.

The fowl you have assemble, or originated, are also amazing. I have never seen such a fine collection of game fowl, obtained from every American breeder of any notoriety, on any single farm. Your brood fowl collection reminds me of a fine art collection, maintained by an art purist. All the great masters, Van Gough, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Picasso, Rembrandt, Picasso, etc., are all represented by the finest of their works.

In closing, I would like to once again thank you for your hospitality and congratulate you for your accomplishment of creating the Long Score Game Farm, a magnificent tribute to the Noble Game Cock.

Best Regards,

Randy & Teresa Hall “

– A letter from Randy Hall & Teresa Hall of Blue Fever Farm, Alvin, Texas, USA.

“The commitment to be a perennial participant in world class competition requires a strong dedication to excellence, and Longscore Gamefarm has done this with outstanding facilities, a strong arsenal of breeding stocks, and a professional staff of handlers and support personnel. Celso personally selects his imported brood stock, which must conform to his ideals for conformation of body, proper balance, station, and beauty. “

– by Jerry Lawrence, JBL Farm, Pleasanton, Texas, USA.

“LONGSCORE, a breeder’s breeder gamefarm, complete with top of the line facilities, vast area and good location with a climate conducive to raise quality and healthy birds. Notwithstanding the fact that it is profesionnally managed and supported by disciplined farmhands. An array of solid and authenthic broodstocks mostly imported from well known and respected breeders in the United States. The stags have what it takes to compete in the big leagues: the power, flight and speed.

Longscore Gamefarm, a must see for aspiring gamefowl breeders. Cheers! ! !”

– by Nick M. Crisostomo, Peejay Gamefarm, Palayan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines.

” LongScore Gamefarm is one of the best breeding farms in the Philippines with modern facilities for raising show birds and broodfowls. ”

– by Dr.Teddy Tanchanco, Director, TJT Cocking School, Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines.

“The website looks wonderful. The farm looks as good as any I’ve ever seen. All of the fowl look extremely healthy. One can tell that alot of hard work is being done at the Longscore Gamefarm.”

– by Pat Hargus, TH Gamefarm, Oklahoma, USA