How the Birds are Raised

The farm was born in December 13, 2005. It’s formal opening coincided with the 55th BIRTHDAY of Mr. Celso Evangelista.

Fit and Proper

Imported HENS are primed and then SELECTED before they go into the BREEDING PENS



Young birds at Longscore gamefarm are ranged in a big area with full grown trees wherein the young birds can roost which makes them healthy & strong.

Longscore Dom

This pen is composed of Imported Jerry Laurence Dom male and females. Progeny will be tested this coming ‘stag season.

Health and Nutrition

Candidate hens are given the best feeds and supplements that will help them in producing the best quality eggs for hatching.

Amazing Beauty

A choice J.C. Allen SWEATER hen.

Brood Trio

A breeding trio of Jimmy East Roundhead from Huntsville, Alabama.

Tom Hargus Greys

Now being propagated at Longscore Gamefarm.

Day’s Harvest

After a long day eggs are collected, carefully marked and kept in the storage until the time they are due for incubation.

Next to Mother Nature

The FARM uses proven and tested INCUBATORS in producing HEALTHY baby chicks.

Invest a LOT in Vaccines

The farm don’t take chances, it’s a must that every single produce takes the complete vaccination program.

Artificial Brooding

Chicks are fed AD LIBITUM and regularly check.


Longscore produce are ranged properly according to age. Ample spaces to roam and fly around.

Planning & scheduling the next DERBY

Once or twice a week TEAM LONGSCORE discusses future SHOW schedules.


ALL candidate birds undergo weekly excercising.

Mr. Longscore Spars

Mr. Evangelista don’t settle just watching his birds fight he also releases them once in a while during sparring.

Enjoying the FIGHTS

Both protagnist collide in the air.

Teasing & Snaring

The exercise awakens the fighting instinct of the game chickens.

Longscore Ace Battlecocks in Action

The two birds show their force as they meet in the air. The match is between Jimmy East Kelso Grey against Randy Hall’s Fever Blue cock.

East meets West

A SHOW between Longscore Jimmy East Hatch Kelso versus Chris Nesmith Sweater Yellow Legged Hatch.

One of the BEST

Mr. Celso Evangelista holding his SUPER Ed Cavasos’ BUTCHER. Impeccable timing and power. Always at his BEST when sparred.

Come and Get Me!!!

Tailing between Longscore Grey locally bred against inported Jimmy East Roundhead.

Pitting with Orly

Mr. Evangelista releases against his head trainer conditioner.

Angat Sarado

Both birds way up high in the air. “Pantay tao mag BREAK”.