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Longscore Gamefarm is a Hobby Farm and is engaged mainly in genetic conservation and exchange of information on breeding and breeding materials.The Hobby Farm is non- profit and not engaged in selling birds..The hobby farm is a passion ,past time and enjoyment of the owner- breeder: Celso Evangelista.

For many people, when they hear “sabong,” the first thing that comes to mind is that only ordinary folks are involved. However, the misconception is now being changed with increasing number of great men involved in a much bigger scale of show bird competition.

Men like Celso Evangelista…

Mr. Evangelista has not always been a hobbyist & show bird competition enthusiast. In the 70’s he started his career as farmer- agriculturist . He was involved in crop production farming integrating organic chemicals with crop production products to help small and big  farmers improve their farm productivity. Celso graduated from the University of the Philippines at Los Banos and he has very good track record ,having worked with leading crop protection companies in the world like Hoechst , Agrevo, Aventis Crop Science, in Marketing, Product & Market Development.

His own companies now, based in Alabang & Las Pinas , operate a business on agri chemicals and liquid fertilizers including veterinary and animal health products including public health pesticides to control Dengue- carrying Mosquitoes. They have business partners all over the world helping them with supply of agri- products for increasing farm productivity and wellness of humans.

Mr.Evangelista was introduced to show bird competition by his UP Los Banos classmates. Breeding and participation in show bird events has been a Hobby by Celso when he was still 15 years old until today. He recalls that his first breeds were Hulseys, Hatches and Johny Jumpers given to him as gifts of top cocker- breeds like the Chiongbians, Nene Abello etc.

As a hobbyist and a person with deep passion for show birds, Celso started breeding and experimented on the best bloodlines for local derby competition since 8 years. He went to the USA to select the best broodfowls for breeding and genetic conservation in the Philippines. He obtained his bloodlines from Johny Jumper( Missisipi) Jerry Lawrence( Texas), Ed Cavazos( Texas) , Randy Clare Hall( Texas) Mel Sims( Texas) , Dink Fair( Oklahoma) , Carol NeSmith( Alabama), Jimmy East( Alabama) , Keith De Vaney ( Alabama), Dee Cox Bama Sports( Alabama), Tom Hargus( Oklahoma), Helen Hoskins( Texas), Wayne/Charles Stevens( Georgia), Carl Siaia( Alabama), Joe Vance( Texas), George Wood( Alabama) and Johny Stansell, Jr( Texas) amongst others..

Celso bred top quality show birds which he used to participate in the tough show bird competition in the Philipines’ reputable cockpits.As Hobbyist, the hobby farm is mainly  focused on genetic conservation as a form of enjoyment and passion of Mr. Evangelista.

The hobby farm cooperates with poultry research institutions to improve biosecurity in his farm. Particular special attention is given to the growing birds at an early stage to ensure it’s readiness to fight strongly in tough derby competition in the Philippines.

Celso keeps 30 to 40 pure bred breeding stocks for genetic conservation in his hobby farm in Mindanao, Laguna & Batangas.

He shared that he named his hobby farm ‘Longscore’ for Long-Term breeding of top quality winning breeds of gamefowl show birds.

He explained to new breeders to remember the three elements of successful breeding : 1st find a good place for a farm; 2nd invest in quality breeding materials ; 3rd have a competent team to work with you.

Mr. Celso Evangelista is a registered breeder and a hobbyist. He is a bonafide member of several breeder associations like BBC, LGBA, and PCAP. He regularly fights his own show birds in Araneta Coliseum, Pasay Cockpit, NCA Ynares Stadium, etc.

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